Mother’s Vision on multiple services for drug addicts

Mother’s Vision on multiple services for drug addicts

AALO, July 31:
The Mothers’ Vision Aalo, an organization battling constantly against Drug Addiction is working on its 3rd round of “Group discussion cum input session” with the theme “Don’t fail not to try, Don’t try to fail” here today.
The NGO is introducing a new pattern to deal with social maniac prevailing in or society. The initiative program is delivering multiple services such as creating awareness among parents regarding concepts of disease, methods to deal with tips to recovery, relapse prevention plan and anonymous counselling to parents and misguided youths and further escorting suffering to de addiction cum rehabilitation centres. The strategies framed out by the NGO is first of its kind in state and is with a goal to touch every sector and colonies of township, respectively, which may involve a year long period to get itself completed.

Siang River Festival

Importance of the Siang River Festival

The District Administration of West Siang district, Aalo, in collaboration with the Department of tourism, Government of Arunachal Pradesh id organizing Siang River Festival (Yomgo) at Aalo from January 14, 2008 to January 17, 2008

The main purpose of the festival is to highlight the vast potentials of tourism in the state and to attract Indian as well as foreign tourists. These days, people are almost fed-up with the day to day hustle and bustle of the metro life and want to seek solace in the laps of Mother Nature. And Arunachal Pradesh is the ‘Hidden Paradise’ waiting to be explored by the people. No other state in the country offers such vast potentials for tourism as Arunachal does.

Eco-tourism is the most recent trend in tourism where stress has been laid on exploring the simple and uncomplicated life of the interior parts of the country. Many a times it has also been referred to as ‘rural tourism’. On the one hand this eco-tourism helps people in forgetting their day to day tensions and on the other hand provides vast potentials of revenue generation to the state. It has been estimated by the UN agencies that by the year 2010, eco-tourism will be the most rewarding industry in the world. And Mother Nature has been kind enough towards Arunachal in providing natural beauty in plenty. Therefore, by organizing such festivals, an attempt has been made to promote eco-tourism in the state.

This year the festival will be held in the confluence of rivers Yomgo and Sipu at Aalo and will be extended to the islands lying on the other side of Yomgo which would ensure an exciting, enlightening and incredible advanture and enable one and all to savor the delight of wild beauty with the pristine Yomgo racing by.Yomgo is one of the main tributaries of mighty Siang.

Main Events

  • River rafting
  • Food Festivals
  • Folk dances
  • Cultural Shows
  • Motor boats
  • Indigenous games & sports
  • Hot air balloon & Para gliding
  • Local model house

Buddha Mohatsava

Accordion Sample Description
Accordion Sample Description